The Fast, Safe and Reliable Medical Device Revolutionizing Allergy Testing

Point of care, on-the-spot, accessible results in minutes

From emergency rooms to labor and delivery to surgical prep, or outpatient doctor’s offices, epiSLS brings allergy testing to the point of care ensuring ALL patients receive the highest quality treatment.

The new gold standard in allergy testing

Improving the quality of patient care

Technology is making everything easier. Why should that be any different for allergy testing? Yet, the treatment procedure for allergies hasn’t evolved. UNTIL NOW!

EpiSLS is an advanced medical device built with automated applications and artificial intelligence-powered data analysis software. EpiSLS is revolutionizing the way the world treats allergies by providing technology that any healthcare provider can initiate in any setting and complete with results in hand in 30 minutes or less.

epiSLS device

The problem: Allergy testing processes are time consuming, cumbersome and not always accurate – often standing in the way of quality treatment.

  • 150M+ people affected by allergies – yet many don’t even know they have an allergy or are treating the wrong ones.
  • Expensive – today’s process is costing the healthcare industry billions of dollars.
    *Penicillin allergies alone are misdiagnosed in 30 million Americans costing the US healthcare system $37 billion in excess expenditures.
  • Time consuming – can take days, even weeks before doctors have results.
  • Specialist – only allergists can administer and read analysis of the current gold standard skin-prick test.

The solution: With the combination of innovative applications and sensing technologies, epiSLS brings allergy testing to the bedside, making this highly specialized test more accessible than ever before.

  • Results in minutes – data at your fingertips in 30 minutes.
  • Less invasive – follows the same protocols of the skin-prick test.
  • Accurate – reduced errors and misdiagnoses.
  • Convenient – compact, portable, and accessible for anyone in any medical setting.

How epiSLS is identifying allergies?

From speed and ease to reliability and accuracy, epiSLS is revolutionizing the way healthcare treats allergies.

Ease of use


Healthcare orgs don’t need to have an allergist on staff to administer the test. Any medical provider can run the test. Simply apply the applicator using adhesive and press the button to initiate the test. epiSLS performs the test by sensing, interpreting, and reporting without further intervention.


Faster and more accessible screening

Current allergy tests come with long wait times associated with scheduling an allergist and then waiting for the results. Many communities even lack the resources. epiSLS provides results in just 30 minutes, from start to finish.


AI-powered diagnosis

With the help of AI-powered data analysis software, epiSLS follows the same testing protocols as the current gold-standard skin prick testing. It provides the results to help providers feel confident when crafting treatment plans.


Customized panels

The versatility of our applicator, combined with the technology’s converting nature, allows healthcare professionals to create allergy panels tailored to the patient’s specific needs.

Device Design

Intelligent device design

With the help of the automated allergen application, the easy and clear reporting allows any provider to offer allergy testing to their patients even if no specialist is available – ensuring every patient receives the highest quality care and protection against hypersensitivity reactions.


Eliminates misdiagnosed allergies

People change their lives because of suspected allergies that could be mislabeled. Misdiagnosed allergies cost the US billions of dollars annually, and the best way to stop that is with epiSLS. Our device can protect patients from mislabeled allergies, morbidity, and suffering from the quality of life.

Our technology

EpiSLS is rooted in advanced imaging technologies utilizing an innovative novel sensor that detects hypersensitivity reactions based on visible light. This allows our device to remain portable, inexpensive, and safe for any patient that is eligible to receive traditional in-office testing.

We are innovators looking for initiators

We consider ourselves to be excellent at what we do, and we want to partner with others who are dedicated to also changing the face of healthcare. So, if you consider yourself to be that institutor, whether that’s an investor or a healthcare professional looking to improve patient care, then we should talk. We are just a conversation aways from a great partnership.