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EpiSLS was inspired out of a sense of achievement for betterment. Parker Martin, the technology's creator, noticed patients during his clinical rotations were receiving inferior, second-line treatments due to the avoidance of suspicious allergies. A suitable outcome was out of sight that could save these patients from preventable morbidity of misdiagnosed allergies without a better way to evaluate them in the acute setting.

As the gate of curiosity grew, Mr. Parker determined his dedication to find the best suitable solution that could outperform the current skin prick gold standard with reduced errors, perform tests faster, and make allergy testing accessible to patients even remotely in low-resource settings.


After spending an immense amount of his time researching and gathering data, he produced the solution; EpiSLS. Developed with innovative technology, EpiSLS provides a rapid, safe, and effective platform for allergy de-labeling with the potential to reduce patient morbidity and mortality.

EpiSLS will be sold as two different components

The device comes in two different components: a reusable technology unit and a single use unit, replaceable allergen reservoir.

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